Shropshire May 2015

Photographs taken by Peter Cubley on a cycling holiday with the Southend Section of the Forty Plus Cycling Club in May 2015
P1090728  Ironbridge P1090727  Ray outside the Coalport Museum. The YHA hostel is behind the photographer P1090729 P1090730
P1090732  Monday - On route to Shrewsbury P1090735  Wroxeter - Roman Baths P1090736  Salisbury Cathedral P1090737  Wednesday at Bridgnorth for elevenses on route for Kidderminster returning by train
P1090738  Bridgnorth Town Centre P1090739  Ray and friends P1090741  Kidderminster Station P1090742  kidderminster Railway Station
P1090743 P1090744 P1090745 P1090746
P1090748  Views from the train on the journey back to Bridgnorth P1090749  Passing the West Midland Safari and Leisure Park P1090750  Bewdley Station P1090751
P1090752 P1090753 P1090754 P1090755
P1090759 P1090760 P1090761 P1090763
P1090764 P1090766 P1090768 P1090769
P1090770  Our train, back at Bridgnorth P1090771 P1090772 P1090774
P1090776 P1090778  Thursday - Pictures of the Shropshire Union Canal at Gnosall P1090779 P1090780
P1090781  Outside The Boat Inn at Gnosall not to be confused with the pub of the same name near Coalport P1090782 P1090783 P1090784  Friday at the Royal Airforce Museum Cosford - Spitfire
P1090785  Focke-Wulfe P1090786 P1090787  Vulcan P1090788  Cold War Exhibition
P1090789 P1090792  Waiting to depart P1090793  Same again plus the photographer, taken by an other. P1090795  Preparing to leave, trying to get an extra bike in
P1090797 P1090798  The Woodbridge Inn, Coalport P1090799  The adjoining River Severn P1090800  Coalport Bridge built in 1818. Unlike its famous neighbour at Ironbridge it still carries restricted motor traffic. Viewed from the pub.
P1000910  Three bonus pictures by Colin W taken at the Blists Hill Victorian Town Ironbridge One - The Grocery P1000911  Two - The local pub and P1000912  Three -  a street scene