Netherlands 2017

Photographs by Peter Cubley of a tour by six riders from the Southend Section of the Forty Plus Cycling Club in May 2017
P1120297  The First windmill P1120301  At Maastricht P1120307  Ray and Friends P1120320  Leaving Endhoven
P1120335  keith - Ray - Ant - John - Brian - Peter P1120337 P1120339  First Ferry of the trip P1120348  Our Accommodation
P1120349  More accommodation P1120350 P1120351 P1120353
P1120355  Utrecht P1120357  Utrecht P1120358  Utrecht P1120359  Utrecht
P1120371  The smallest Ferry with the operator. P1120372 P1120373 P1120375
P1120378  This time the correct Stayokay P1120382  Tuesday in Amsterdam P1120384 P1120385
P1120387  Looking over Amsterdam from the rooftop garden at the Science Museum P1120435  Rembrandt Square P1120393  Entrance to the Amstel River P1120411  The national Monument
P1120413  Royal Palace P1120422  The Cheese Museum P1120443  A Brewery in a windmill ! P1120446  Inside the brewery
P1120471  A spoonbill P1120478  Aalcmar P1120480  Aalcmar P1120486  Windmill in Aalcmar
P1120492 P1120499  Enjoying a Balinese meal P1120503 P1120506  Cattle running free along the North Sea route on the wayto Hook of Holland.
P1120508 P1120510  A Nightingale P1120515  Ferry to Ijmuiden P1120517