Krakow to Berlin Cycle Ride 2014

Eight cyclists ride from the Forty Plus Cycling Club ride from Krakow to Berlin.

Part One Krakow to Oświęcim.
k2b route 002  The route taken by eight British cyclists, mostly from the Southend Section of the Forty Plus Cycling Club, between 14th and 29th September 2014 on a ride between Krakow to Berlin. Part One deals Krakpoow to Oświęcim. P1080215  Bikes packed ready to leave Southend P1080216  Unpacked and ready to leave Krakow airport P1080218  first evening in the main Krakow square with St Mary's Basilica
P1080220 P1080221  Krakow Town Square P1080222  St Mary's Basilica P1080224  A reinstated monument to a 19th century Polish poet, Adam Mickiewicz. The original was removed by the nazis in 1940 but parts were found in a german scrapyard and reinstated during 1955. We were told, on a walking tour of the city, by our guide,  that during the war the citizens of Krakow when crossing the main square would deliberately walk around the spot where the monument had been.
P1080226  How does she do it? JH1000248  Sunday morning in the town square at Krakow P1080229  Sunday, the first morning in Krakow P1080230
P1080231 P1080232 JH1000246 P1000807  Seven of the group on the first whole day in Poland, in Krakow.
P1080235 P1080237 P1080238 P1080239
P1000820  St. Florian's Gate on the remains of the City Wall. Most of ithe wall was demolished by the townsmen in the early 19th Century but a section remains thanks to a history profesor at the university convinceing the city that if this section were removed it would allow the prevailing wind to lift the skirts of ladies in the main square. JH1000251 P1000831  St. Florian's Gate taken from within the city, near where we were stayed P1080242  The barbican originally attached to the city wall.
P1080246 P1080247  A recent controversial addition to the Main Square P1080251  A window of the Palace previously occupied, when he was bishop,  by the recently retired Pope John Paul II. As a visiting Pope he used to acknowledge the crowds through this window late into the night. P1080252
P1000805 P1000812 P1080253 P1080254
P1000817 P1080248  The Royal Palace P1080260 P1080261
P1080258  Chapels and mausoleum outside the Wawel Cathederal. P1080264+ P1000821 P1000827
P1000829  Vistula River at Krakopw P1000822 P1000826 P1080270
P1000832  The salt mines near Krakow P1080272 P1080274 P1080278
P1080280 P1080281 P1080284 P1080286
P1080289 P1080291 P1080295 P1080297
P1080298  The Last Supper P1080300 P1080301 P1080302
P1000833 P1080309  Joseph Pilsudski Post First World War political leader all carvings in salt P1080314 P1000835
P1000836 P1000837 P1000839 P1000840
P1080319  Tuesday 16 September - The ride started well along a good cycle path towards Oświęcim, our next stop. The route followed a river. P1080320  We found ouselves on an unmade track. P1080321  Our route for the day taken from obviuosly predated a sand quarry which required us to take a major diversion before arriving in Oświęcim where we spent the night. P1080322  On Wednesday 17 September we visited Auschwitz  Above the entrance to auschwitz is the cynical sign in German "Arbeit macht frei"  meaning "work makes (you) free".
P1080331  Inside the camp, previously a Polish army barrack JH1000322 P1080339  The entrance to Birkenau. Old military stables through which trains brought the victims. P1080345
P1080348 P1080347 P1080352 P1080359  The contrasting serinity of the square in nearby Oświęcim.
P1080357  Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Oświęcim) .........more pictures to come